Anti- Viral Hepatitis

Anti- Viral Hepatitis


An effective, safe and easy antiviral treatment for Viral hepatitis

Ictrus cures Hepatitis & Eradicates the carrier status

Anti Viral activity of Ictrus

Phyllanthus niruri in Ictrus inhibits endogenous DNA Polymerase of Hepatitis B virus and binds to the surface antigen of Hepatitis B.

( Nobel laureate B.S.Blumberget al. Proc.Nat. Acad Sci. U.S.S. Vol. 84)

Hepato protective action of ICTRUS

Phyllanthus niruri in Ictrus Inhibit anti-inflammatory cytokines and helps in optimal post injury of liver tissue repair and Liver Cells regeneration.

Reverses the oxidative damage of hepatocytes and exerts an overall hepatoprotective action

Renormalizes liver functions

Normalizes liver enzyme levels and restores the hepatic glycogen levels.

Carrier status eradication

ICTRUS Increases gammaglobulin in the serum and eliminate hepatitis antigens

N-DiMethyl Ricinine has Antihepatotoxicity  & Anti proliferative activities